The Blue Circular Economy


Understanding the complex eco system and sharing valuable business opportunity information is a key aim of the BCE project. See below for a list of our business and environmental information and resources. The Blue Circular Economy project and its partners will work to educate and inform the end-user and businesses to view discarded fishing nets as a resource that can be repurposed and recycled after their fishing catching days are done. To see it as an opportunity, rather than simply a waste product.


Research & Support

The Blue Circular Economy will work with businesses and enterprises to help them asses the potential for recycling in the Northern Periphery and Arctic Areas. Identify key pilot schemes currently in operation and give business examples of pilot work undertaken using fishing nets and ropes within remote regions.

Case Studies

The Blue Circular Economy project will work to develop and make available detailed exploration of case studies of existing fishnet recycling projects, their challenges and opportunities from northern Europe and beyond, to better enable SME's and Entreprenurs to succeed in their ventures.


The Blue Circular Economy project will look to educate and inform the general public and end-users of single-use plastic products on the viability and benefit of recycled products. This will be achieved through various publications.

Knowledge Transfer

The Blue Circular Economy will work to develop and store a library of webinars and video content, to better facilitate the information transfer and to also better equip SME's and Entrepreneurs to tackle the challenges of fishing net and plastic wastes in our oceans. To inform them of the opportunity and provide them with the tools necessary to commercialise it.