Blue Circular Economy Webinar

    On Thursday 11 April, the Blue Circular Ocean hosted the first of a series of free online information webinars to explain how the three year project will help Small and Medium-Sized enterprises (SMEs) offering products and services, within fishing gear recycling solutions, to attain a great market reach.

    Blue Circular Economy Webinar

    Eco-Innovation webinar with Professor Martin Charter of The Centre for Sustainable Design UK- July 2019

    Blue Circular Economy Webinar

    Norwegian Innovation Clusters- Norway's innovation clusters policy presentation with Mari Klokk Leitte, Cluster Advisor Innovation Norway June 2019

    Blue Circular Ocean Webinar

    Eco - Innovation Webinar with Prof. Martin Charter , Centre for Sustainable Design UK - September 2019

    Blue Circular Economy Webinar

    Creating Business Opportunities from Waste Fishing Nets

    Opportunities for Circular Business Models and Circular Design related to Fishing Gear

    Webinar May 24th - Martin Charter CfSD

    Blue Circular Economy Webinar

    Marine littering, defined as the introduction of solid refuse into the marine environment through human activity, poses a major threat to the ocean environment and is a growing concern for authorities. Plastic is seen as an important material in our economy and our daily lives.

    Opportunity & Benefits of The Blue Circular Economy.

    Understanding the complex eco system and sharing valuable business opportunity information is a key aim of the BCE project. By joining a growing community of SME's tackling the problem of waste fishing nets you will gain access to to the wealth of collated information sharing and resources on the opportunities in addition to business guidance on creating a sustainable business. To register your interest in this project, please fill out the form at the top of the page.