Blue Circular Economy

Generates sustainable business opportunities from waste fishing nets, ropes and components (FNRC's)


The Blue Circular Economy project educates and informs the general public and end-users of single-use plastic products on the viability and benefit of recycled products. 
This is achieved through the following various publications and toolkits. 


Webinar Recordings

BCE delivered a number of webinars over its lifetime, many of which were recorded. You can take a look back at some of these webinars via the following channels:

Blue Circular Economy Webinars


Centre for Sustainable Design (UCA)


Regiostars Video

You can check out the video completed for BCE’s entry in the 2020 Regiostars Awards at the following link:

Blue Circular Economy – Realising Economic Opportunity



Read up on what’s been learned as part of Blue Circular Economy’s work over the last 3 years.

Opportunities for Circular Business Models and Circular Design Related to Fishing Gear