Open Seminar at DTU

The BCE project team met recently in Copenhagen on the grounds of Danish Technical University(DTU), where, among other items discussed, the team heard about research being carried out into the viability of incorporating fibers from waste fishing nets into construction materials as a means to strengthen them.

DTU also hosted an open seminar where members of the public and different faculties were invited to attend.
Speaking at the meeting, Siv Marina Flø Grimstad (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU) outlined to the gathering the concept of “how we need to contribute to a more sustainable society” in our approach to marine plastic recycling and how initiatives such as the Blue Circular Economy may achieve this through identifying and engaging marine plastic recycling clusters in the identified regions (Norway and Ireland).

Neil James (Environmental Research Institute) outlined the impact of plastic upon our habitat and fauna “Over 56% of our bird species globally has been negatively impacted by waste plastics, ingestion, entanglement etc”.

Esther Savina(DTU), outlined emerging possibilities in biodegradable fishing nets based on biodegradable resins, which may offer potential longer term solutions.