The Business Opportunities from waste Fishing Nets, Ropes & Components Blue Circular Economy Presents at Ocean Week on 9th May

The Blue Circular Economy will feature in one of the sessions at Ocean Week 2019, which takes place from 6 May – 8 May in Trondheim and 9th May in Ålesund, Norway.

The week-long series of talks, parallel sessions and demonstrations with over 100 speakers from countries all over the world, brings together researchers, industry, government representatives, activists and philanthropists to facilitate dialogue and innovation about the future of the world’s oceans.

Themes for the 9th May will build on the plenary session ‘Our Blue Vision’ which presents a vision for sustainable oceans and how technology and decision-support tools can help make the right choices.

The week is grouped around the topics of Autonomous Ships looking at Maritime Technology, Environmental Humanities investigating Ethics and Sustainability, Deep Sea Mining covering Energy, The Coast investigating Infrastructure, Society and Culture, Aquaculture discussing Bio Resources and finally Art, Research and Knowledge.

Siv Marina Grimstad from NPAP Blue Circular Economy on 9th May.  Siv Marina will discuss the opportunity to connect the waste Fishing Nets Ropes & Components into business opportunities.  This conversation is key in reach out to SMEs involved in this space, as we build upon the research base, connect to communities & the Fishing Net supply chain, as well as the Norwegian Coastal infrastructure.

Ocean Week is organised by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology together with Sintef Ocean.  For more information see