“Land Møter Hav” – Land Meets Sea

Members of the Blue Circular Economy team will present the project and its aims at a national bio-economy conference taking place on September 23rd in Ålesund, Norway.

The event ,which takes place annually, provides a chance for industry, researchers, politicians and students to meet and discuss the various aspects of the bio-economy and how they relate to both land and sea as well as sustainable blue and green initiatives.

The event is being hosted by four national business clusters within the green and blue bio-economy including  the Norwegian Centres for Expertise Blue Legasea – A driving force for innovation and value creation in the utilization of marine raw materials, the NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster, Biotech North and NCE HEIDNER Biocluster.

The BCE project will join the diverse range of topics on the day ranging from digitisation and AR/VR, to pathogens and fertilisers from fish & algae among others.

Project lead  Siv Marina Flø Grimstad said “the BCE project will work to create more jobs in the NPA-area through the creation of new products made of recycled fishing gear


More detailed information about the event can be found here.


The Blue Circular Economy, a three year initiative to help Small and Medium-Sized enterprises (SMEs) offering products and services, within fishing gear recycling solutions, to attain a greater market reach.