Blue Circular Ocean Kick Starts Webinar Series

On Thursday 11 April, the Blue Circular Ocean is hosting the first of a series of free online information webinars to explain how the three year project will help Small and Medium-Sized enterprises (SMEs) offering products and services, within fishing gear recycling solutions, to attain a great market reach.
The one hour session to open all stakeholders. The session will:
• Introduce the NPAP Blue Circular Economy project
• Discuss research on waste FNRCs (Fishing Nets, Ropes & Components) in Ports in the NPA region
• Overview of the Supply Chain for waste FNRCs.
• Questions and Answers
To register for the free session click here

Established in 2018 the Blue Circular Economy is a partnership between Western Development Commission, Technical University of Denmark, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, The Centre for Sustainable Design® at UCA, and the Environmental Research Institute. The three year programme, with partners in Ireland, UK, Demark and Norway, will promote and support companies to create sustainable industries in the recovery and recycling of used fishing netting into commercial products. The Blue Circular Economy project is funded by the Northern Periphery and Arctic 2014-2020 programme.