Local Innovation Systems Workshop – Galway

As part of the BCE project, Martin Charter of the Center for Sustainable Design UK hosted a workshop on the grounds of NUI Galway, Ireland, in conjunction with the Western Development Commission and, kindly facilitated by the Ryan Institute.

The workshops focus centered around the various stakeholders involved in different aspects of the fishing sector, supply chains &  logistics, SMEs and entrepreneurs , all with an interest in finding ways to re-use and recycle end of life fishing gear.

Attendees heard from Alena Petrikovicova – de Chevilly , DG MARE, who updated the room on elements of both the Single Use Plastics Directive and the Port Reception Facilities Directive and how they are likely to see change occur to the sector as a whole over the next few years as they are implemented.

The idea of a BCE Innovation Lab was discussed as a potential solution to enable the successful handling and processing of end of life gear into new products.

A nice write up of the event can be found here