Transforming Waste Fishing Gear into Business Opportunities Blue Circular Economy International Conference

24th April 2020
Innovation Centre Iceland

In cooperation with Plastics in the Arctic International Conference – 21st – 23rd April 2020

Supporters: Innovation Centre IcelandGlobal Ghost Gear InitiativeEuropean Commission

Conference organised by: The Centre for Sustainable Design ®UCA Business School within the Blue Circular Economy project



There is growing global concern over the impact of waste plastics in the environment and particularly marine litter in the oceans. It is increasingly being recognised that waste fishing gear is a significant part of the problem. Recent research published by the European Commission (EC) has indicated that 27% of marine litter is derived from waste fishing gear; but other sources indicate the figure may be higher. Policy is starting to develop in several countries to tackle the issues. The EC announced in March 2019 under the Single Use Plastics Directive an Extended Producer Responsibility scheme focused on increasing recycling and reuse amongst fishing gear producers, assemblers and distributors.

Event objectives

Transforming Waste Fishing Gear into Business Opportunities will highlight the emerging policy, explore issues related to the circular design of fishing gear and provide an update on research within the Blue Circular Economy project. The conference will conclude with discussion over future issues related to policy, circular business models, supply chains and marketing.


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